Dru Fires & Fireplaces Sheffield

If you’re looking for a gas fire that’s designed like no other, consider a Dru Fires fireplace. Dru Fires focus on offering contemporary and decidedly modern fireplaces, all with excellent performance and efficiency.

Whether you’re looking for a stove-like design or something that’s set into your wall, Dru Fires can do it all.

They also offer state-of-the-art smartphone app integration, so you can control your fire with the touch of a button.

Dru Fires also has over 260 years of Dutch expertise as the driving force behind its designs, so if you want to opt for a brand that’s steeped in history, you can’t do better than Dru.

Here at Warm & Cosy Fires, we stock a wide array of Dru Fires, many of which you can see at our showroom in Sheffield, so if you would like to get a better look at their products and learn about prices, feel free to come on down to our showroom.

However, if you would prefer, you can always give us a call!


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