Gazco Fireplaces Sheffield

If you’re looking for high-quality gas or electric fireplaces, then look no further than Gazco.

Formed in 1988 as a sister company for Stovax, Gazco has become synonymous with premium gas and electric stoves that look great and stand the test of time.

While they have very different product ranges, Gazco and Stovax still work very closely together and benefit from each other’s expertise.

Gazco produce a wide range of different gas and electric fires, many of which we stock right here at Warm & Cosy fires, so if you would like to get a better look at their product range, feel free to come and visit us at our showroom in Sheffield and you will get a warm and friendly welcome from our team.

Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like about Gazco fireplaces and their prices, and our team will do their best to answer them.

If you would prefer, you can always give us a call and we can handle your enquiry right away.


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